A new exiting diving season starts again here in Malta. Over the winter we have kept ourselves busy. We have designed a new website with this Blog so please let us know your thoughts and like our Facebook Page so you can keep up to date with all we get up to.

This year we hope to use our own Rib much more. To explore more dive sites from the sea.
We have put a lot of effort in PADI’s Technical Courses with more info on our Tec page and of course we do all PADI recreational courses too. Such as Open Water and many specialties like the Deep Diver and Wreck Diver courses.
If you are a beginner, a single diver or belong to a club, we will do our utmost to give you an outstanding dive holiday here in Malta.
We welcome your bookings.

PADI Tec Courses – We now offer:
The PADI Tec Deep Diver program is an integrated sequence of three 
sub courses.
Tec 40 € 245 
Tec 45 € 290
Tec 50 € 390
You can complete them continuously, or you can complete each level separately with a time span between them. And we offer all these courses and more in both back mount and Sidemount configuration.
If you not sure this is for you.
You can start with The Discover Tec for just €85 and credit this towards your Tec40 if you wish.

Your Tec Diving Education will continue with Tec 45 and Tec 50.
In these courses we increase the number of cylinders, depth and gas percentage. The next step is then Trimix which we now offer to. And of course we cater for Tec divers wanting to just explore the deeper sites with guided Tec Dives

All Gear and Gases are Included in our Course prices.
Manuals and certificates are not included.
Please contact us for details and booking.